The Garden Witches (A Retail Witches Novella) FREE!

Set in the world of the Retail Witches Series, this fun story takes place when Carol is a young woman fresh out of college, (and a year early at that). It’s the story of a summer vacation that turned into a magical adventure of witchy proportions.

A forgotten garden house, mysterious books, a quirky new friend, & a day-drinking faerie send Carol on the trip of a lifetime. Can she solve the clues to find an alchemist’s long-lost amethyst crystal ball?

The Garden Witches (A Retail Witches Novella) is not for sale anywhere, and is only available to members of my Reader’s Group. Get yours now and be sure to bring your wand!


Authors Note: This is a New Adult Urban Fantasy Novella that I would classify as Fun-Witchy. (Yes that’s my own genre, I just invented it.) Like the series it’s based on, the stories are for mature readers, but they aren’t super-violent, nor graphically smutty. They are, however, realistic (in as much as a book about magick, faeries, and ghosts can be realistic, which as far as I’m concerned, is utterly). The Garden Witches novella can be read in any order with relation to the main series of novels. It comes before the first book in time, but not in any other way. It simply expands the lore of a few characters. Writing it was a pleasure and I hope reading it is for you. –Les Goodrich.¬†

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