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Exigent: The Abscond Series (Book 2 of 2) [Literary Crime Fiction]

Author’s Note: This is my last crime fiction book before embarking on my Urban Fantasy series. This is the second of two books that concludes the Abscond Series. It’s the follow up to Exploit. To me it features some of my most inspired prose and heartfelt descriptions that have become a part of what I love to both read and write. It is more literary than the category suggests, and as such, strikes a note with a select […]

Exploit: The Abscond Series (Book 1 of 2) [Literary Crime Fiction]

Author’s Note: I wrote this book when I was in college at FSU. It was a learning experience in novel writing that I devoted years to. It is not Urban Fantasy, which has grown to be my passion since. But it’s a rocking adventure that is a good representation of my writing style. If you like tropical adventure and crime fiction, give it a read. I hope you love it. –Les Goodrich Journey from the […]