Exigent: The Abscond Series (Book 2 of 2) [Literary Crime Fiction]

Author’s Note: This is my last crime fiction book before embarking on my Urban Fantasy series. This is the second of two books that concludes the Abscond Series. It’s the follow up to Exploit. To me it features some of my most inspired prose and heartfelt descriptions that have become a part of what I love to both read and write. It is more literary than the category suggests, and as such, strikes a note with a select reader who values both eloquence and storyline. Read it if you enjoyed Exploit, and I hope you love it. –Les Goodrich

The swashbuckling misadventures of Dolph and Colin continue as they strive to gain some kind of leverage over their unsought benefactor and organized crime boss, Hector Sonzo. In this final installment, we join the boys as they wheel, deal, con, shuck and jive their way from Barbados, to Colombia, and undercover through Florida on their way to some surreal version of redemption.

Along the way they meet with a cast of nefarious characters that include a rogue pilot, a stunning Bajan coffee shop owner, a Colombian cowboy, a tribe of stowaway monkeys, and an orchid-growing Barbadian yardie, just to name a few.

Exigent is the second book in The Abscond Series (Book 2 of 2), and as such, concludes the exciting and unpredictable story of two wealthy scoundrels as told by Les Goodrich in his eloquent and hypnotizing prose style. Much more than tropical crime genre fiction, this work transcends and unites a literary style that will leave you breathless and moved. This is more of what Les Goodrich is good at: telling an incredible story with beautiful and vivid words. Scroll up and click [Buy Now with 1-click] to join the adventure. ((( —> Get yours on Amazon Here <— )))