All The Darkness You Need (a creepy fantasy ghost novella) 99cents!

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Go on a surreal road trip where nothing is as it seems. Join Jen, an adventurous girl on the run, who joins two hotrod renegades on an outlaw cross country race from Florida to California. The race takes them into a fading world where reality slips away and the very notions that hold their understanding of life wither like faded dust along America’s darkest highways. This paranormal novella with a mind-bending twist by Les Goodrich is written in his signature style of vivid prose and emotionally striking descriptions that transport you into the story like few authors can. Read it today and see for yourself.

This paranormal adventure novella will twist your mind and enthrall your senses with its shining prose and riveting story. It is a short but potent dose of mind-bending paranormal adventure.

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Authors Note: This is an Urban Fantasy/Ghost Novella that I would classify as for adults or mature readers. It is not super-violent, nor graphically smutty, but it does contain adult themes such as death, intoxicants, afterlife, perceptions, and reality. I hope you love it. –Les Goodrich